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Products we are offering can be classified into: :


  • Panel Doors – High quality, and imported from European Union.
  • Stained Glass – A modern and useful product, at a high quality and at a good price. 



Panel Doors


Panel Doors are at a high quality, made from a material with good thermal, insulating and noise reduction proprieties – talking about Extruded Polystyrene. 

This Polystyrene is covered by VEKA special foils, with a 1.5mm thickness.

The thickness of the panel is 24mm, standard for window profile. The windows for this types of doors are in 3 glass layers. Used glass has a thickness of 4mm. At customers wish, the exterior layers of the window can be changed in different colors or reliefs, as follows: Stopsol Bronze; Parsol Bronze; Delta Bronze; Bronze Bark; Chinchilla Bronze; Krizet; Screen; Sand; Delta Mat; Sablat; Blue, Green, Yellow Shadow; or they can be replaced by decorative stained glass.  

          Panel Doors, have the option of stopping the static charging, it prevents the dust deposits, and, because of clear and smooth surface, cleaning of this kind of door doesn’t present any problems. 

It is resistant at the mechanic shocks, at humidity, and in winter time, doesn’t allow the condensation of cold air, and doesn’t mold 






Stained Glass 


Stained Glasses present one of the windows layer. In contradistinction with the classic stained glasses, which, when installing them, they need a special decorative wand, for support, having a white or gilded cross or rhombus form, and which is installed between those two remaining layers of the window, our stained glasses are made by applying a special “Overlay” foil, with a multi-layered structure, that can be colored or transparent. Also, there are applied lead wires, and the result is a colorful and brighten door, giving more elegance and refinement to your interiors. 

This type of stained glass is installed into panel, ensuring impermeability and thermal isolation, being avoided all appeared complications after using the classic technic, with the installed into lead crocks. We are offering a big diversity of models, which ensure you an UV filtration, of about 90%, and at the same time, a better protection to furniture, against fading and aging, even when entire window surface is covered, and as told, ensure, a good impermeability and thermal isolation.

Beautiful, accessible and very easy to take care, the stained glass of our company represent the best and the most practical solution for an interior decoration. It is easy to decorate your interior with any design, so that it can fit to your place and with your wishes.


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